Children’s Portraits | Sparks Lake | Bend, Oregon

My first baby just turned 5 years old!  Every year I do a special photo shoot for for my kiddo’s birthday, to document and remember who they are at that age.  As a photographer, that is just a no-brainer.  As a Mom, when I look back at the previous year’s shoots, I am so grateful that I did it!  Children grow up and change so fast so yearly children’s portraits are a great way to capture just a little bit of that ever growing and changing personality.
He doesn’t always make taking his portrait easy on me, but once we get going, even he is having fun.  I for one love getting to photograph one of my favorite muses. How often do you get your children’s portraits done?  Has it been too long?  If so, feel free to contact me to schedule your next shoot!  And in the meantime, check out more of our children’s portraits.

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